“I never thought a few talks would alter the course of my life. At multiple points, I cried out loud as I realized that I was finally getting answers to the biggest questions I’ve had since I was a boy. I can never be thankful enough for this body of work. And I’ll never be the same because of it." - Matt, 33


Event Details & Prep

You’ve made a good decision!

Men come into one of these retreats in every condition, from happy and full to beat-up, addicted, bankrupt and on the brink of divorce…and yet most of them will tell you that they walked away a significantly changed man who truly encountered God in a fresh and rich way.

You will have time. Time to feel again. Time to get your heart back. Time to walk with your Father in newer and deeper ways in your Sonship.

No kidding. That’s the good news.

Beware of incoming Enemy Fire!

The bad news is that our team, this retreat and your growth are all opposed….so heads up.

In the days and weeks leading up to the retreat, you’ll experience spiritual warfare with the aim of taking you out before you even arrive. You’ll see flares up in your marriage…emergencies at work…conflict at church, plus an onslaught of terrible thoughts like, “I don’t need to go act all macho with a bunch of posers who are acting tough and fake. That’s just stupid.” “What will a simple retreat do for my marriage? It’s too late.” “I can’t hear from God because of my sin and my addictions. I won’t be able to hear him just because I go to the mountains. If he wanted to talk to me, he could do it right here. I’m not going.”

Of course, these are the nicer versions of the nasty things we’ll often hear. We’re just giving you a heads up. You are dangerous and your Adversary does NOT want to see your masculine heart set free to live with passion and life…so when it shows up, push through it, ignore it, forgive the angry people around you, walk in love and command all of that stuff to leave you alone!

If you want to read through what John Eldredge calls the DAILY PRAYER top add a bit more firepower to your prayer times, either download the Ransomed Heart app and go to prayers, or follow this link.

What to Expect

This is not a fancy, high-dollar retreat. This is one level above camping out. We’ll have simple food, will sleep in twin beds, share bathrooms, without radio, wifi, cell service or ESPN. We are literally in the middle of nowhere. Just you, God and a few other like-hearted men. In the quiet, noise-less wilderness of the Ozarks. It’ll be amazing.

The 3 Ground Rules of the culture

1) Whatever is said here, stays here. This retreat is about you and your father. No one will be required to tell their deepest, darkest sins in some “male bonding” group or something - but sharing stories between brother is bound to happen, and when it does, we want to be a safe place for men to say, “I’ve told anyone this, but…”

2) Drop the posing and the scorecards. I know, I know, you are amazing at work, in the bed, and playing sports, and most men like to brag about all of it - but for this weekend, let’s all just drop the scorecards and come as true sons of a true father, ok? So don’t ask where a man works, or where he goes to church, or anything that we use to try to hide behind or anything we ask to try to sum-up a man. Instead of sports and weather and talking about how brilliant we are, we want to go deeper, risk vulnerability and ask the deeper questions that make us equals…How did you come to Christ? How did you hear about Wild at Heart? Tell me your story. What is God up to in your life right now?

3) Resist Being a Helper. We will have many gifted teachers and counselors among us, but instead of playing the role of Helper-Who-Has-It-Figured-Out, we will want to resist that. Instead, let’s just listen to a man’s heart, be willing to ask more questions, relate to his problems…and only when it makes sense, share (don’t teach) parts of your story. Make sense?

Payment Arrangements

If you still owe money, then please make sure that you pay $100 a month out and another $100 a week out. Make checks to Maverick Missions, 2500 Boysenberry St, Bartlett, TN 38134 or use PayPal.me/maverickmissions

Now, let’s talk details and prep, ok?

Next, please print, sign & return this WAIVER asap!

The Details

The Camp

We are going to the Shepherd of the Ozarks Retreat Center. The address is 1343 Shepherd Ln, County Rd 139, Harriet, AR 72639.

In case of emergency, have your family call Brad McDaniel at 901-647-0740 first, and if they cannot reach me due to spotty cell service, have them call the camp office at 870-448-3242

Directions to Camp

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 11.34.32 AM.png

Because GPS is spotty up there in the mountains, be sure that you go down Hwy 14 to turn onto County Rd 139 and NOT to the backside of the camp (because there is no real road there).

From Memphis - Take I-55 N to I-555 W (aka Hwy 14) so you can stop in Jonesboro for lunch, then take a right onto County Rd 139

From Little Rock - Take I-40 W to Hwy 65 N, then AR 27 N, then take a left onto County Rd 139

From Fort Smith - Take I-40 E to AR 27 N, then take a left onto County Rd 139

Once in Camp, follow the signs to Cedar Lodge (left at the big house basically).

The SChedule

Thursday 10:30 AM - For those in Memphis, we’ll gather at 76 West Carlos Dr 38117 to load up and ride together. Most of us will leave our cars there.

4:00 PM - We’ll arrive at camp, unpack and explore.

5:00 PM - We’ll eat and then start our first session.

Sunday 11:00 AM - We’ll head back home, which is 4 hours away for those of us in Memphis.

The Gear You’ll Need to Bring

  1. $60 in cash for gas, paintball, burger on the way there & back

  2. Clothes for our sessions & sleeping

  3. Clothes for activities - hiking, paintball, water shoes (if creek walking)

  4. Jacket/sweater - for cool nights & mornings

  5. Personal hygiene - toothbrush, razor, soap, shampoo, deodorant

  6. Extra towel for swimming/creek-walking

  7. Bible/Journal/Pens - not the digital versions

  8. Games, cards, football, frisbee, fun stuff, whatever

  9. Knife - because men carry them!

  10. Flashlight - because it’ll be pitch black

  11. Backpack - if you go hiking

  12. Pillow - if you have pillow “issues” LOL

PLEASE DO NOT BRING - Gaming platforms (xbox, PS4), laptops, iPads, pets or other animals, mountain bikes, ATV’s, weapons, fireworks, alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs.

Seriously, please print, sign & return this WAIVER asap.