Frequently Asked Questions

Is John Eldredge going to be there?
Nope. The event is hosted by Maverick Missions, but the Wild at Heart BASIC experience is led by John Eldredge and his team through video session. Mornings & evenings are sessions, with adventures in the afternoons. After each sessions, we’ll walk out in a covenant of silence to spend time alone with God.

What is a Journey Retreat?
We believe that the concept of a JOURNEY, where men are trained to find their place in the battle for the things most dear to them, best describes what this experience is all about. It’s an expedition for your heart and mind. A time to awaken your heart, heal your wounds, find the path of life and learn how to fight for freedom & joy.

Will have be forced to tell my story and confess my worst sins?
Nope. This is a time for you and your Good Father to reconnect in ways that you didn’t even know you needed. Of course, other like-hearted men will be around and sharing is bound to happen at meals and such, but there are no small groups or times of getting in your business. That is between you and God.

Are we going to do a bunch of macho, military-type exercises?
Nope. This isn’t a prep rally for dudes. We are going after your true courage and strength, not any false substitutes. However, we will offer optional activities that are a great part of the experience and help you get a taste of adventure.

What kind of optional adventure activities?
Activities available during the weekend may include hiking, paintball and creek-walking. All are optional. For some, just being away from their cell phone, laptop, TV, newspaper, families and work will be quite an adventure by itself.

But I am not really a religious guy.
PERFECT! This is not about being more religious. Believe us…NO ONE needs any more of that stuff, especially men.

But I am a religious guy.
PERFECT! We will help you trade religion for real life and freedom.

So what is the book Wild At Heart about?
Read it. Even better, may we suggest starting with the short book Epic to get a sense of he larger story (which is mission critical!), and then move to Wild At Heart…both by John Eldredge?

Is the BASIC Experience the same as the “Wild At Heart - Band of Brothers” video series?
No. There are some similarities of the material presented, but this experience is VERY different. If you have been through the video series the WAH BASIC will actually be a perfect next step after the DVD’s. Frequently men return home and become the catalyst for incredible change in the lives of their loved ones…so women, sign your man up! You won’t regret it.

Should I bring a friend or should I come alone?
We highly encourage you to bring one or two friends along to the WAH BASIC Experience. In fact, we believe that having another man alongside will only serve to deepen the impact of the experience as well as help you when you return home. If you do attend alone, no problem. There will be opportunities to meet other men as we journey together.

What do I need to bring?
We provide all meals and a bed with sheets and towels. Bring your clothes and personal hygiene items. We highly advise bringing a journal of some kind; pens; some money for snacks, optional activities, available resources (books, CDs)…we provide more of this detail after you register.

Is this a good Father-Son event?
No. This should not be viewed as a “father/son” event, although fathers and sons are welcome to attend the same event together if they’d like. Our recommendation, however, is that they participate in different events, at least for their first experience.