The world is noisy,

and the pace is maddening!

Our souls are desperate for more time...

>> Time to slow down,

>> Time to feel again,

>>Time to dream again, 

>>Time to encounter God.


All of our efforts revolve around one-of-a-kind experiences

to get us back to GOOD again.


Which experience WIll You Check Out first?

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Journey Workshops

A Journey Workshop is a rare, one-of-a-kind experience of encountering God & yourself, while getting hard-to-find training in the freedom work of Jesus.

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Freedom Fellowships

A Freedom Fellowship is a weekly gathering of new friends who celebrate & encourage new healing & growth in each other in homes all over the Mid-South.

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FReedom Sessions

A Freedom Session is a scheduled time of intense, guided prayer led by experienced teams who help individuals eliminate stubborn sins & heal deep wounds.

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MAVERICK MISSIONS is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that thrives off the generous gifts of people who love our unique mission & want to "pay it forward" so that the next in-line who needs this hard-to-find freedom & joy can do so without paying for it.  Give here.

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