We all do.  Most people just can't quite put their finger on what it is.

Most of us know that something is missing in the church.  Something is missing in our personal walk with God.  We are even aware that there is something greater for us to contribute - a POWER in us that is meant to change the world.

It's like we are all superheroes who forgot that we had special powers so we went back to working the daily grind, paying bills and living as consumers.

So Imagine...

A gathering of folks each week with no agenda and no plan at all except to love God and each other....with power.

Seriously, each group ranges from kids to grandpas.  Each group spends about an hour just loving on God through prayers, songs, testimonies and the Scriptures.  Then we tend to break up into smaller groups to love on each other and fight for one another.  All without any human leadership...or, to say it better, anyone can lead various parts of the gathering as we feel prompted.

For each of us, it's honestly the most anticipated part of our week.  

This is incredibly rare.

And so beautiful.

Join Us at One of Our Current Locations:

Birdwell's House near Massey & Poplar - Wednesday's at 6:30

Freedom Fellowship Off Massey.png

Tim's HousEOff Poplar & Bellevue - Wednesday's at 6:30

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