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What is A Journey EXPERIENCe?

Journey Experiences are rare, one-of-a-kind group workshops or expeditions with the primary focus of self-discovery and encountering God in safe spaces, while also with getting extra-ordinary training in fighting for people the way that Jesus does.



Our events are by invitation-only because we only work with what Jesus calls "good soil," that is, people who are ready for what we are offering right now in this season.  There are different experiences for different seasons in life.  Our team is simply looking at the folks gathering around us and asking God what they need now, then we offer that.  It's very simple and organic and powerful that way.  Reach out to see if the next one is right for you.


What do you do at workshopS & During Expeditions?

Expeditions tend to be 5-20 guys exploring the Ozarks or Smokies by foot or kayak, while Workshops tend to be 15-30 of guys & gals meeting weekly or over a weekend in a huge living room somewhere around town.  

Either way, the strategy is to RE-consider the larger story, our personal stories & to push into some of the deeper things that don't get much airtime in our shallow culture - stopping to process, discuss, journal and break away alone with God or breaking away into groups to practice what we just learned - because again, what we need is more time, time to feel and think and encounter God. 


What is The big idea here?

Restoration.  God made us in his image, we have become pretty damaged over the decades, and God's plan is to restore us back into his image so that we can receive his life and love and live with him, now and for ever.  

But to do the deep restoration work, we need less knowledge/sermons, and far more wisdom...and, even more, we need to get personal words from God about our lives.  We need less "should's" and "ought to's" from religion, and more permission to live from our truest longings (which are the same as God's since we are made like Him). 

We need to let our guard down so we can feel again.  We need to linger in the special presence of God (which is different than the omnipresence) so that he can restore and fill some broken thing within us. We need a better and larger story to live in that finally makes more sense of our smaller story and reveals our role to play.

Like King David, we need our hands "trained for the battle," starting with the fight to recover our own hearts, then on to fight for our loved ones.  

The goal is simple: Irreversible transformation from the inside out.  First you, then your world.  All towards life, freedom & joy.  Isn't this what we had in Eden that we so long for?   Isn't this what Jesus promised us and died for?


What Kind of "deep dives" do you offer?

Wild At Heart Basic Retreats are 4 day expeditions in the wilderness of the Ozarks walking through the longings, wounds and battles surrounding the masculine journey based on John Eldredge’s book by the same name. Learn more here.

Captivating CORE Retreats are 4 day expeditions in the wilderness of the Ozarks walking through the longings, wounds and battles surrounding the feminine journey based on John & Staci Eldredge’s book by the same name. Coming soon.

DesireWorkshops aim to restoring the image of God in us as men, or as women, as we explore the longings that drive all that we do and actually define our actual selves - all of which shines a light on our design and destiny.  (This couples with the GloryWorkshop.)

GloryWorkshops aim to clarify our glory, calling, assignments, roles on the team and activating our "weaponized" love-gifts.

StoryWorkshops aim to take us deeper into the 7 Larger Stories in which we all are living to identity our backstories, where we are today  and our place in the stories as we live out the future.  (This is our personal favorite!)

LoveWorkshops aim to break the stubborn cycles and behaviors that are sabotaging our most treasured relationships...which WILL BE passed down to our kids unless we do something about them now.  Then we move on to strategies & practices to love people well.

RescueWorkshops aim to train our hands for battle - in teams! - as we all have friends and family that desperately need the restoration ministry of Jesus which "heals the broken-hearted and sets the captive free."