Maverick Missions is an experiential ministry, led by Brad McDaniel, that aims for nothing less than the *never-the-same-again* encounters with the Living God that we see in the bible. (It’s easier than you may think).

Why do we care if people encounter God?

Because if Jesus is “the way” to all good things…and we can get people connected with Him, then they will get all they need. It’s really that simple, though it takes a few of these encounters with him to really see it for yourself.

You see, Jesus is the only one who will permanently rescue us, break the cycles we’re stuck in, fill us over-flowingly, restore the image of God in us and answer our deepest questions.

More time with God is what we all have been searching for every moment of our lives, whether we know it or not.

What Makes Our Approach to ministry Different than any other?

Instead of just preaching or teaching or giving to the needy (which we also love to do), our focus is more on what happens next - digesting it, processing through it, using it as a launch pad for prayer, practicing what they’ve learned…and actually letting it change your life! We care almost none about transferring concepts from one notebook to the other, and FAR more about seeing a person truly rescued, healed, delivered, renewed, refreshed, trained, developed, transformed and launched.

Does that make sense?

Instead of focusing on any one outcome like converting the lost, discipling the saints, starting new churches, healing the broken-hearted (all of which we absolutely love to do and actively engage in), we have a singular focus on facilitating encounters with Jesus. That’s it. Once re-connected with Jesus, we let them work things out from there.

Of course, encountering God comes in many forms, but that interface is the powder keg.

We want to see real and actual life transformation. Anything less misses the mark.

 From left - Cara, Brad, Chrissa, Corey & Brayden (front). Chrissa is a hairstylist and Corey is a certified master dog trainer.

From left - Cara, Brad, Chrissa, Corey & Brayden (front). Chrissa is a hairstylist and Corey is a certified master dog trainer.

About Brad McDaniel

Brad loves life, Jesus, delicious queso, movies of all kinds and exploring the wilderness with his happy border collie, Chase. He loves finding adventure in wherever he is, but especially loves the outdoors (and even better if he’s in a kayak.)

He’s an online marketing guy with the freedom in his schedule to do a lot of writing, counseling & planning for the next workshop or retreat. Then he gets to come home to his "trophy wife," Chrissa, and wrestles his three kids until they either tap out or can't breathe anymore from being tickled into hysteria.  

Growing up an atheist in an alcoholic, dysfunctional family, Brad came to Jesus in his living room during a wild Saul-to-Paul-type vision at 18 years old that RADICALLY changed everything for him.  

To break the cycles of his family, Brad has had to overcome deep-rooted insecurities, a nasty arrogance problem, too many mother & father wounds to count, major trust issues, a mind that wouldn’t stop racing, a performance-based self-worth, a detached heart that resisted bonding to people & about 100 other stubborn issues.  By God's grace, Brad continues to fight for joy & freedom each day, seeing more and more cycles broken as he grows.

He has degrees in Biblical Studies, Psychology & Business, and has been most influenced by John Eldredge, James Dobson, Zig Ziglar, Larry Crabb, Dallas Willard, Frank Viola, Stacy Tyson, James Allman...and a very persistent rabbi from Nazareth.

Join him in one of his Journey Workshops or Expeditions here.