Maverick Missions is an experiential ministry, led by Brad McDaniel, that aims for the promised life, freedom & joy bought by Jesus death, resurrection & ascension, and offered freely to everyday people like you and me - if we will choose to leave the broad path that leads to destruction in pursuit of the narrow path that leads to life.  (Matthew 7)

Our overall assignment from the Lord is 3-fold.  We are each to live from a place of deep joy and freedom in our own lives (just pause there for a second and soak that in)...AS we fight for others to have the same freedom & joy that we do...AS we gather them up into groups so that they can fight for one another.  (How fun of an assignment is that?!)

On a project level, God is calling us to build-out something of an "ecosystem" made of 3 parts which all strengthen each another.  They are...

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1) Journey Workshops are rare, one-of-a-kind group experiences of encountering God & ourselves, while getting hard-to-find training in the restoration ministry of Jesus,

2) Freedom Fellowships are weekly gatherings of new & old friends who celebrate & encourage new healing & growth in each other in homes all over the Mid-South,

3) Freedom Sessions are scheduled times of intense, guided prayer led by an experienced team who help individuals heal deep wounds & break-off stubborn sins, for good.

Which of our experiences ^above^ will you check out first?


 From left - Cara, Brad, Chrissa, Corey & Brayden (front).  Chrissa is a hairstylist and Corey is a certified master dog trainer.

From left - Cara, Brad, Chrissa, Corey & Brayden (front).  Chrissa is a hairstylist and Corey is a certified master dog trainer.

Brad McDaniel loves life, Jesus, delicious queso dip, movies of all kinds and exploring anything with his happy border collie, Chase.

He never gets bored from bouncing between playing counselor, author, church-planter, strategic consultant, marketing guy and conference speaker while showing off his "trophy wife," wrestling his three kids and finding adventure (and trouble!) in almost anything...and he wouldn't change any of it.

Growing up an atheist in a super jacked-up family, Brad came to Jesus in a wild Saul-to-Paul-type vision at 18.  To break the cycles of his family, Brad had to overcome deep-rooted insecurities, a stubborn arrogance problem, too many mother & father wounds to count, major trust issues, a performance-based self-worth, a detached heart that refused to feel & about 100 more nasty sins.  By God's grace, Brad continues to fight for joy each day.

He has degrees in Biblical Studies, Psychology & Business, and was most influenced by John Eldredge, James Dobson, Zig Ziglar, Larry Crabb, Dallas Willard, Frank Viola, Stacy Tyson, James Allman...and a very talkative rabbi from Nazareth.