Most people (including you) are completely unaware that they are searching for God - every waking moment. You see…

We humans are ravenous creatures, brimming with longings and cravings, many of which we cannot even put into words.

To get to the problem simply, our First Parents chose the wrong tree.  Adam ate from the tree of knowledge. As a result, the human race doubles it’s knowledge every six months (no kidding), but it's the tree of LIFE that we have been searching for each and every moment of our lives ever since that day, right up to now.

We chase the shadows and reflections of sex, food, success, games, fantasy, sports, entertainment, exercise, religion and 10,000 other distractions, and while they feel CLOSE to the real thing, they are not - and so our ache remains. So…

Let's be clear: we are looking for LIFE...the life we were meant to have, the life where everything comes together as it should be, the life of endless golden moments.  We are looking for Eden.  We are looking for moment-by-moment life with Jesus. And...

If we are honest, most of us have given up hope - or we are hoping in the wrong things, hoping that they will give us the life we are searching for.

And why wouldn't we?  The world is noisy, and the pace is maddening!  Just notice how fast you are skimming through this short intro. (Busted.)  

Everything is calling to us and interrupting our attention.  Every ad and song and movie is calling you like the sirens of old into a different and smaller story.   To make it worse, the spirit of religion drives churches to push out 1000’s of hours of sermons and podcasts year after year (again, thinking the tree of knowledge will scratch out itch).

The end result is that we have truth and knowledge coming out of our ears, but we’re not much better off, because (dare we say it?) the truth is not enough. It was never meant to be. So…

As an antidote to the madness, as a means to actually pursue the LIFE and freedom that we long for, we need more TIME. That is…

Our souls are desperate for more time...

>> Time to slow down,

>> Time to feel again,

>> Time to dream again,

>> Time to process our journey so far,

>> Time to forgive and heal, 

>> Time to encounter God in fresh ways.

Whether we know it or not, this is all that humanity is searching for.

And so...Maverick Missions has the singular mission to create SPACE and TIME to take our friends back to Eden, facilitating EXPERIENCES where our hearts can FEAST on the tree of LIFE that we so crave.

Check out our various experiences to see which one is right for you.

Workshops & Editions


Experiences are life-changing, encounters with yourself, your allies or God, which double as extraordinary training in the restoration ministry of Jesus.  We do these in the wilderness of the Ozark mountains as well as in living rooms and coffee shops around the Mid-South.

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More About Brad

Brad McDaniel is a counselor & teacher who loves Jesus, the great outdoors, raising up strong leaders and helping husbands fight for their families.  Growing up an atheist in an alcoholic family, Brad has had dozens and dozens of destructive cycles to break to become the man he is today.

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Sowing Into Mission

Maverick Missions is a non-profit organization that thrives off the generous gifts of friends who want the world to walk in the hard-to-find freedom & joy that Jesus plainly offers.  If sowing into God’s mission on the earth is one of your pleasures, please look into how you might help.

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